Hey, everyone. This is Dannie , and I'm running the 90210 confessions blog. I will be accepting confessions from both the older version of the show and the current version of it. All confessions will remain anonymous if you wish. You can submit confessions through the ask box or you can email them to me at: confess90210@hotmail.com * NOTE: If a confession is too inappropriate or too insulting, it will not be posted. Thank you & I hope you guys enjoy the blog very much.
West Bev Student(s) Confessing

I apologize for my absence. 

My computer hasn’t been working but I will be back next week, sometime around Thursday, maybe Friday, and will be accepting confessions from the new season!

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thejacksonpercy whispered, "i lovvve your blog!:)"

thank you so much. <3

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p4tr1c1495-deactivated20111109- whispered, "LOve you blog, keep going !"

Thanks so much. :)

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Anonymous whispered, "it's kind of funny when you do all submissions because one post is says silver is my favorite character and then is says i hate silver she is so annoying but all the more i love this blog."

Hey, I only submit what people give me. But if a submission is way over the top with the hating, then I won’t post it. Anyways, thanks. :)

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